Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Descrption:today all the people that done risks had to tell the other people what we had done. Then all the people that had done there risks became teachers for a little bit . Then we had to give the people a pice of paper with a bunch of risks and two blank areas where they could right there own risk. 

Here is us talking about risks and what to do

Feedback and feedfoward: Thank you for the lesson. I really liked it because that is 
The thing i need to improve and I can practice it. I think
Next time you should put more detail in it, other than 
That I thought it was great lesson and I enjoyed it a
Lot. Thank you so much,-maria 
Thanks maria 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Self portraits

Desription: we have been drawing self portraites . First we had to draw our face and then draw part of our body and then we had to make a good copy and then we had to paint,couler in,use die, and other things like that.and also blend coulers.

Here is my self portraite 

Feedback: i like the way you aded lots of deatail
Feedfoward: next time you could work on not ading to much color.kayla
Thanks kayla

Evaluation:next time i think i could have mad my words a bit bigger so you could read it

Sunday, September 4, 2016

T3 E T Reo post

 Description : Every Monday for TE Reo we have been making a whakatauki. Our whakatauki is: He ah te mea nui o Te Ao ? He tangata!   He tangata!   He tangata! a whakatauki is a proveb or a pice of wizdom . in English the whakatauki is  what is the most important thing in the world? The people! The people! The people! we made our own people and stuck it on the wall with the other wonderfull pitchers of people.

this is almost every bodys Therers some really good ones up there .

this is mine
 I finshed it on the last day

feedback: i think that your picture looks really cool! It must of taken you a long time to finish
Feedforward: maybe next time you could have a look at how you could change the things you dont like and the things you like better! -Devin
Thanks devin

 Evaluation: i think it was kind of hard because i didnt know how to draw it. 

Thursday, September 1, 2016


Description:in writting we learning about planing our writting . I have wrote a storry about a girl named chelsea gets lost and missing . How will she come back..... Read my storry please .


                                                     Chelsea's gone!
“Huh!”i yelled chelsea is gone ! Kayla woke up and yelled back at me chelsea is gone? She hopped out of her bed looking really worried and ran to chelsea room where i was  staring at her bed . I was so scared . On her bed was a letter that said i have her! In bold letters. My heart was pounding like a big earthquake came and wouldn't stop. 

WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO!? Asked kayla really worried , so worried i only just realized what she said. Kayla we haven't even looked in the letter . Oh yea said kayla . We grabbed the letter and opened it. It was blank though. Oh ok kayla said . That doesn't help at all . We went to the lounge to see what was on the news,just in case there was a girl named chelsea on the news  ,or any sign of a kidnapper. But we hope not . 

There was no sign of a kidnapper or chelsea's name . it was 5:00 pm. We went to chelsea's room to see if she was back from wherever she is. Boo said a whisper . Huh i said. Who was that? It's me said the whisper again. Naomi i'm getting kind of scared said kayla i am too i said back. Then out came a figure of a person . We turned on the light so we could see who it was. CHELSEA ? Hi said chelsea . Yay we found you ! Where were you ?kayla asked good question kayla  where were you ? Oh yea i was doing a … Prank on you. YOU WHAT! We both screamed . Did you like the letter . Yea i guess . Let's go to the park said chelsea good idea! 
       Happy ending

Feedback:i think you done well at writing that story because it is long and very good
Feedfoward: you dont need to work on anything-Harriet

Thanks Harriet 

Evaluation:i think it was really hard because i didnt know what to write.