Thursday, March 31, 2016

Camp story's writing all over the walls

                                          writing all over the walls 
AHH! There is writteng all over the walls ! What should we do calm down Lucy! ok Jess .we could … tell a teacher.good idea Jess ! then they both walked over to the teacher . On the Way Lucy said it could be the boys.

They stopped for a moment and thought we need to look for clues. It's almost breakfast they needed to look for clues,and we have to do it fast.Ok Jess go and get your torch . But the light is on said Jess . So what we need to look closely . HONK! It's breakfast come on we need to go we can talk about it at breakfast come on,said Lucy.

Yum toast this is so yum ,said Jess. I know right,It is so fun at El-Rancho camp said Lucy. Anyway time for thinking what we can do to look for clues.We can look for fingerprints and we need to find the pen ,said Lucy.Can we just tell a teacher asked Jess.NO! We can't tell anyone …...yet. Ok .

Well breakfast was yum. Ya said Jess happily .come on we should go to our cabben and say we are going to the toleiet. Ok then said Jess in a low voice . What is it Jess . Noah and Joseph is looking at us whispered Jess . OMG ,True said Lucy. Shhh don't look at them or ells they'll realise we know that they are staring at us.ok . Come on let's ask if we can go to the toleiet . Ok said Jess. Come on let's get in our cabin . Shh there is a teacher,start walking to the lue whispered Lucy as they walked past .

Come on the teacher is gone . Who's that at the windo .its Noah and Joseph looking through our cabin windo ,whispered Jess . What do they whant.lets shut the curtions said Lucy,ok said Jess.then they looked for clues but couldn't find any clues . KNOCK KNOCK! Oh no a teacher probably knows we're in here. KNOCK KNOCK! The doors knocks we're getting louder and Louder. KNOCK KNOCK KNC. Jess swong open the door before the last knock finished.
Who is it thought Lucy .

                                                                TO BE CONTINUED

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Camp el - rancho

Description:in poutama we have been we have been planing to go to el rancho camp . We have been planing what we need and what we dont and what we are not allowed and how to treat others.

(Don't have a image)
Big idea :is that we went to camp and learnt what you can do on camp and we learnt how to use a riffle a bow how to kiak and more

Evaluation:I am happy that I over came my fear of heights . Next time I think I should think am I meant to be here

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Family tree

Description: at et reo we have to make a family tree. It was relly fun and pretty hard because I don't know my full family here it is.

Big idea : for et reo we made our family tree we had to put us and our brothers and sisters at the bottom and then we put our parents above us Then we put there brothers and sisters then we put there parents and it keeps on going.

Feedback/feedfoward: wow lovely work! I like the tiny Apple on your tree. Must be a apple tree. Maybe next time add more coulor. From Abigail πŸ˜€πŸ˜›πŸΆπŸ±

Thanks Abby 

Evaluation: I am pretty happy with my family tree , but next time I will use more couler.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

One word art 2016

Description: we wanted to have a one word for 2016 . My one word is trying . So what we did is we made a Sign , then we wrote our one word on it , then we had to put lots of detail on to it then we coloured it in , then we cut it out then stick it on your photo . 

Here is my word.

Feed back: I love your sign it is so colourful and bright 
Feedfoward:next time you could put a different colour line in between your diagonal stripes.Devin 

Thanks for the feedback and feed Fowered Devin and next time I will put different colours in between the lines . 

Evaluation: the easiest part was thinking about and colouring it in . The hardest part was thinking about  what each letter it should be .the hardest letter was y because I couldn't think about what it could be .