Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Every Thursday all the seniors do  inquiry I'm in Joys group . In Joys group we get to do 2 things one is gardening and the other is science. I chose this group because I don't know that much of science and becose I wanted to do more in the garden at my house . And because it's putting me in the learning pit 

This will Benifit the school by... Plant
                                                           Trying to make fizzy paint
It didn't really work 


Yesterday we had our last inquiry😭. We did some more in the garden and Harriet and I had to draw a pitcher of the garden . After brunch we went to kans are kade . After that we had some fun whith lemonade and rasens . they were dancing . After that we done a explosion with a bottle of lemonade and one mentos and we put it in lemonade. Then it exploded. It looked so cool. 

Questions :

How might your inquiry help you in the future? It can help because the gardens can grow food so if food gets expensive you can just go to the garden and get some food from the garden.

What did others think about your product?: it was cool and a good idea