Sunday, August 30, 2015

Maths Rebecca A

Description : in maths we have been learning multiplication and division and using materials to help us.

This is the maths I've done in my workshop:

  • We need to go to the Regent by car in our production groups.  There are 31 kids in the Heroes & Villains theme that need to go. Each car can take 5 kids.  How many cars do we need to take? (You need to show your strategy and materials used)
  • If tickets cost $6 and I need to buy 3 tickets for my family, how much does it cost me? (You need to show your strategy and materials used)

Big idea:ive been using beans / matirel to help us work out our problames 

i started drawing circles with 5 in each until i got to 3 cars.  I counted them in 5's and them added more cars.

Feedback/feedfoward: that's cool from Bridget 

Evelation:i think that i done good because i did  it quick stratitey but next time i thnk i could have showed some more working out.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Pop art.

 Description: In Week 6 we have been doing Pop art we had to do a post of it. This post is a post for our portfolios.

Here's my art

Big idea: In term 3 we have been split up into different groups one is Passion Projects with Suzanne, one is Pop Art with Kate and the other is drama with Rebecca. I'm in Pop Art with Kate and in Pop Art we searched on google Andy Warhol's Pop Art we thought that his hair was funny but we looked at his Pop Art 

Feedback: I think that Naomi did well at choosing the colours on her pop art. Bridget

Feedforward: I think that Naomi could work on making the cats look the same. Bridget

I think that the hard part was out lining the picture but the easy part was choosing the colours. If I were to do this art again I would do a different picture.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Writing post profiles sample

 Description: Every Monday and Thursday we have writing. There are 3 diffrent groups. Kates doing words, Troys doing sentenses and Rebecca's doing ideas. I'm doing ideas with Rebecca. We have 3 sheets in our writing book. At the start of the term we look at our writing and tick/tallymark the sheets in our writing book and that tells us and the teachers what we need to work on. My goal in ideas is...I have stuck to the main points! that means all the imformation I include in my story is relevant and important to the story.

My 2 sheets 

Big idea :  Every day Emma goes to work and leaves budgie duck and Garfeild (the mishiff cat) at home. Garfield said loud oh look what's that in the corbort smells delicious"don't you   Even think about it!"   Yeah well there's nothing you can do about !"   Emma knows when something's gone"we'll she's not here right now  .so budgie duck flew up the highest shelf where garefeild sat eating a massive cheesey lasagna .budgie duck had troubel  getting garefeild down the highest level of the shellfs so bad budgie duck had a rest in her cage then she (budgie duck) got an brilliant idea she ,was going to trap garefeild in her cage.then she thought how she is going to do that? So she lost some wight so much weight that she went on t.v now on the


Budgie duck went straight into action first she left some lasagna at the side close to the cage ,a little time longer garefeild came and said yummy then budgie Flew down with her cage and cort him  .then when budgie duck

feedback/feedforawd: you have done a great pice of wrigting but i think you might want to do a little bit more writging and use spech marks when sombodys talking in your story. from abby

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Interview joy


For tic tac toe I did a interview joy 

Big Idea: in this tic tac toe you had to choose a charter to interview and interact with them. 

Feedback/feedfoword: I think Naomi did a good job at doing unique questions. Bridget

Evaluation: I think that I did good at writing the questions and doing the tic tac toes for my first time. I think I did nothing bad for my first try. Next time I would change the charter to Bridget Smart.