Sunday, November 20, 2016

Maths games

Description:in maths we have been playing games elly is doing aruler game nic is doing running and a card game.we were going to go on running. But insted we had to do the is the vidieo that kayla and i made

Feedback/feedfoward: i like the way you have exsplaind how to play it next time you could ad more detail in your descrption.
Evaluation: i think i done really bad at this game and also before we started i did 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Te reo

Description:in te reo we have been making a vidio or puppet pals about market day. But We have to talk in mori. Here is the vidio that kayla and i made

Feedfoward/feedback i like the way you prisented your video but you could practic your pronunciation. Kayla

Evaluation:next time i think i should talk a bit louder and clear and i think that i need to pactise talking in mori.

Monday, November 14, 2016

writing lucky pencil

description: in writing he have been making random things that sounds like its amazing but really its normal,like a pen that can write what you want but really it is a normal pen. Mine is a lucky pencil, kayla and i choose to make a movie and a story here is my vidio about it .

here is the story

feedback/feedfoward:i think you did well at your story but next tim you could ad a bit more detail. Kayla
Thanks Kayla
Evaluation: i think that next time i should be more clear and talk louder. And ad more detal.

Book budies term 4

Description: this term i have been reading tom gates. My new book buddie is kayla. We chose each other because we normally work really well together and we both like reading. Here is My book buddies slide

Click here to go to slide

Feedback/feedfowerd: i like the way you read lots of books you must like tom gates next time you could try read a diferent book. Kayla
Thanks kayla

Evaluation:next time i think i should read a bit faster and make more time to read.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

market day

descrpiton:we have been doing prep (market day) for a couple of weeks kayla,kiana and i have been making christmas decorations and we sold out straight away (half an hour) we all enjoyed it a lot at market day, because you learn what you will need when you are older and have a job. I really liked making the chirstmas decorationd it was so fun for me . Here is the slide my group and i made .

Click here to go to my slide

Feedback/feedfoword: i think you did well at learning lots of deferent things and diferent ways to do things. There is nothing you need to work on. Kayla

Evaluation: i think that i done well at thinking of difrent ways to solve quistions

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Descrption:today all the people that done risks had to tell the other people what we had done. Then all the people that had done there risks became teachers for a little bit . Then we had to give the people a pice of paper with a bunch of risks and two blank areas where they could right there own risk. 

Here is us talking about risks and what to do

Feedback and feedfoward: Thank you for the lesson. I really liked it because that is 
The thing i need to improve and I can practice it. I think
Next time you should put more detail in it, other than 
That I thought it was great lesson and I enjoyed it a
Lot. Thank you so much,-maria 
Thanks maria 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Self portraits

Desription: we have been drawing self portraites . First we had to draw our face and then draw part of our body and then we had to make a good copy and then we had to paint,couler in,use die, and other things like that.and also blend coulers.

Here is my self portraite 

Feedback: i like the way you aded lots of deatail
Feedfoward: next time you could work on not ading to much color.kayla
Thanks kayla

Evaluation:next time i think i could have mad my words a bit bigger so you could read it